Petroleum Geosciences > Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional Systems: Predicting Reservoir Distribution, Geometry & Quality

About this Training Course 

This course aims at improving the conceptual geological understanding behind predicting presence and quality distribution of potential reservoirs, starting from seismic and sequence stratigraphic principles.

The training material is derived from a variety of geological settings and comprises a mix of petroleum geology case histories and textbook material including seismic, log, core and outcrop data. The course focuses on predicting reservoir presence and reservoir effectivity.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to acquire the following:

  • Key concepts of seismic / sequence stratigraphy
  • Sound depositional geology concept knowledge underpinning the evaluation of reservoir distribution and effectivity
  • Increased evaluation skills when assessing gross reservoir and reservoir quality parameters, based on the analysis of seismic, log, core and outcrop
  • Knowledge of the interplay between structural deformation and depositional architecture in clastic reservoir settings
  • Knowledge on how to make a fit for purpose reservoir correlation while avoiding common pitfalls

This course is targeting Explorationists and Petroleum Engineers working on play-based exploration and prospect generation / maturation projects as well as near-field exploration / appraisal.

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Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

The content is easy to understand as the instructor did a good job to explain the basic of geology.

Geologist, HESS

Good course.

Geophysicist, SHELL

After participating this course, I have better interpretation now and I think my upcoming official assignments will be improved.

Geologist, Oil and Development Company

This is a practical course, it helps me to have better knowledge and able to escalate my work performance.

Sr. Geophysicist, OGDL

The course is very good. I am able to learn about reservoir from the view of sedimentology.

Geologist, JX Nippon

The course content and the instructor were very good.

Development Geologist, OOCEP

Systematic practice for learning depositional system and predicting reservoir.

Geologist, PT Medco E&P Indonesia

The course was excellent and the materials, hand-outs and exercises were very useful.

Geologist, Tethys Oil